🚴The Raven Riders 🚡‍♀️

For anyone that fancies tagging along on a planned ride starting and finishing at The Raven you've come to the right place.  You'll find details of any planned rides here, click the links to find out more for any particular one that you're interested in. 

There's no age restristrictions and rides are more of a social event rather than beating PR's or getting King/Queen of the hill awards.  Some rides will be very easy, stretch your legs type, others will require a bit more stamina.  Rides will be on different terrain, not purely on or off road and should suit every ability.  Road awareness is a must as roads are unavoidable on most routes but we'll try to keep off the busy ones. Helmets are strongly recommended.

On longer routes there'll be coffee stops/breaks planned in.  Electric bikes welcome (just wait for us at the top of the hills).  Routes will be planned and shared on Strava - GPX files will be made available for each one. 

Come along on the next one and meet some new people, get outside and enjoy the views while turning those pedals.  Join the STRAVA GROUP to keep up to date with any planned rides.

🚴‍♀️ Raven Ride - 3 🚴

Saturday 30th March 2024, starting at 11am from The Raven. 

No off-road or track for this one, just roads.  Will be suitable for road, gravel, mountain and electric bikes.  It's a 20 mile(ish) loop but there are some climbs, coffee stop at Dunham Massey.  Hopefully the weather will be better than the last one!  Ride will go ahead as planned unless we have biblical floods and Noah sails past The Raven on his Ark. This is England after all, rain sort of comes with the territory.

🚴‍♀️ Raven Ride - 2 🚴

Going ahead as planned, it might be a damp one though (40% chance of 🌧)!

It's been quite a while since the last one so this one is a little shorter at 13.5 miles.  Ride contains a lot of track/rough roads so skinny wheels not recommended.  It will suit gravel/MTB/anything with wider tyres and suspension if you want more comfort.  As usual electric bikes welcome, start and finish at the Raven. The ride should take around 60-90 minutes.  Ride planned for Saturday - 02.03.2024 (weather permitting).

All riders are responsible for their own safety.  Though we do carry basic first aid equipment The Raven Inn does not accept responsibility for any damage or harm caused to/by riders partaking in organised group rides. It is assumed that all riders have an acceptable level of road awareness.  Helmets, though not compulsory by law, are recommended. A well maintained bike is essential.