🚴‍♀️ Raven Ride - 3 🚴

Saturday 30th March 2024, starting at 11am from The Raven. 

No off-road or track for this one, just roads.  Will be suitable for road, gravel, mountain and electric bikes.  It's a 20 mile(ish) loop but there are some climbs, coffee stop at Dunham Massey.  Hopefully the weather will be better than the last one!  Ride will go ahead as planned unless we have biblical floods and Noah sails past The Raven on his Ark. This is England after all, rain sort of comes with the territory.

A ride down to Dunham Massey via the toll bridge.  Unlike cars, bikes don't need to laden the skeleton palm with silver to cross the river Stix. There's a few climbs on this route but all are short, some relatively steep (Wharburton bridge).  We'll pop in Dunham Massey cafe for a coffee stop and a natter.  Coming back there's a couple of diversions so we don't ride a lot of the same roads there and back, some double coverage is required though as there's not many ways to do this on different roads with a river in the middle.  

As mentioned in the intro, this will suit most bike types, even skinny tyres.


Raven Ride 3 Map

Out from The Raven to the high school, left at the roundabout and down through to Glazebrook.  A right turn after the motoway bridge to take us off the main road and onto not so busy ones.  Following those roads through to the Black Swan and cutting across to head right on the A56 up to the lights.  Left at the lights and over the Wharburton bridge.  Left after the bridge and through to the main road.  Heading toward manchester, taking a left to the road leading to Dunham Massey.

Coming back is a little different, we're cutting through the country roads back to Wharburton bridge.  Similar to the outgoing route we're down the A56 till the village turn off and head up to the Black Swan.  Instead of left at the pub we'll be going down to Glazebrook Lane and heading back that way.  Finishing at The Raven where it would certainly be rude not to taste the beer!

A few climbs on this one:

Ride 3 Profile

This ride will suit all levels of fitness, it's not a race.  Younger riders with road awareness welcome, we do hit a couple of roads that will potentially be busy.

We carry a few spares and tools on every ride with spare inner tubes but these are mainly for standard wheel sizes. 27.5, 29, 700c and 650b along with puncture kits and pumps. If you have an odd wheel size it is advisable to bring along a spare tube to 2.

The ride should take just over a couple of hours (plus the coffee and cake stop).

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