Meet The Management Team
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Peter Sturman

Peter Sturman
Chair & Communication

Responsibilities include: arranging and recording meetings, overseeing CBS documentation, acting as the point of liaison between the MC and the manager, line manager for pub manager, designing and implementing the media liaison strategy, issuing news releases and fostering good relationships with local media outlets.

"I am a retired senior Scotland Yard detective. For the last four years of my service I was in charge of the Accelerated Promotion Scheme at the National Police College. I also spent time as a media liaison officer for the police. 
I am also a qualified lead assessor for the International Organisation for Standardisation. My wife and I moved to Culcheth in 2011, having previously spent a lot of time visiting relatives in the area. I was dumbfounded when I learnt of plans to demolish the Raven and joined the movement to ‘Save the Raven’ early on. I became part of the steering group and I have been able to utilise my media liaison training and experience to help publicise the fight to save the Raven.

As chair of the steering group and now the management committee, I have been able to rely upon a considerable amount of experience both as an operational leader in the police service and my leadership and development role at the Police Staff College.  As we move toward operating the Raven as a community pub I am excited about all the possibilities we have before us. Our local community have been and continue to be incredible with what has been achieved, so far. I consider myself lucky to be a part of it"
Suzanne Smith

Responsibilities include: to liaise with FCA re annual returns, assist treasurer as necessary 

"I am a Chartered Accountant (also trained at PwC) I am the Chief Finance Officer of a northwest public company listed on the London Stock Exchange. My expertise lies in building business models (cash flow forecasts in particular) in order to raise finance and appraise investments"
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Suzanne Smith

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Carole Watson "Tufty"

Carole Watson


Responsibilities include: ensuring that AGM is properly held, annual return submitted, accounts are audited (if necessary), oversee register of members.

"Originally a Lancashire lass from Preston, I have lived in Culcheth for 31 years and the Raven has been my local for much of that time. I am a retired teacher, having spent 35 years teaching French at the chalk face! I have been involved in the fight to save the Raven right from the beginning and am passionate about re-opening it as a community facility which will bring people together, offering a wide range of opportunities for social cohesion and promoting the well-being of all members of our local communities."

Austin Hutchinson
Project planning and delivery

Responsibilities include: to oversee the renovation planning and delivery. Oversee the continuing project planning, such as the beer garden. Also representative of the building owners.

"I feel I bring a wealth of business and management skills to the management committee having set up and run a successful financial services firm, overseeing funds approaching £1bn. I also have significant project management experience having developed numerous commercial and residential projects. I am also a director of a property development business, bringing the benefit of my contacts and experience to the Raven. I live close by and am delighted to be helping bring back my local!"

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Austin Hutchinson

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Maureen Parkinson

Maureen Parkinson
Village Liaison

Responsibilities include: personal contact with groups and individuals in Glazebury and Culcheth. Both keeping people updated, but importantly fostering relations with groups who could use the Raven, eg scooter club, walking groups etc. Seeking out groups and individuals who could benefit from what the Raven Inn Community pub will have to offer.

"I feel I have a lot of skills relevant to the Village Liaison role. I have worked in management running my own business and am very experienced at helping people, liaising with people and solving problems. I am very outgoing and a good communicator. I find it easy to talk to people from all sections of society, in fact I thrive on contact with people. I am also very resourceful, creative and have great ideas regarding potential community events involving different groups of people. I was one of the people who initiated the 'Save the Raven' campaign back in January 2019. I live just behind the pub and it has been my local for many years so I am determined to see it return to a thriving community facility. I will do everything I can to ensure the success of this community project"